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02.01.2009 22:37
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Bad Bentheim, January 2009 – More than one year ago the activities of a small group of people, young in spirit an heart, who not only were enthusiastic about Mark Medlock, singer and winner of the German TV show DSDS („Germany’s Idol“ 2007), however, this group of people set themselves the remarkable goal to support those people and institutions that are in need. Since the foundation of the officially registered non-profit organization Bobbelsche Friends e.V. already a lot of projects could have been successfully supported by monetary donations as well as commodity contributions.
In celebration of Mark Medlock’s 30th birthday in July 2008 the organization raised money and funds for a pediatri’s hospital in Berlin. The hospital’s Board wished for investing in a so-called snoezel room for the ill children and teenagers - a therapy room specially designed to offer a relaxing and recreating atmosphere containing materials enhancing specific sensory perceptions. The registered organization Bobbelsche Friends e.V. contributed to the creation of such a room by purchasing a chill bag to snuggle in and was able to wire the amount of 1,000 Euro to the clinic. Du to this initiative the Berlin pediatric hospital was able to find sponsors and supporters who helped with the implementation of this project.
At the end of November a symbolic cheque could have been handed over to Mark Medlock in Frankfurt as some sort of testament that the organization was able to successfully implement his birthday wish.
As 2008th Christmas Activity on behalf of the Bobbelsche Friends funds will be raised for a future children’s hospice located in the region of Münster, which aims at being a center of reunion which helps and supports afflicted families on their long journey of disease, in order to be able to get prepared fort he ceasing of their child, to offer them help and encouragement and to enhance the integration into the community of the living. The children’s hospice is a place to share tears, to say goodbye, and yet again, for laughter, for relief, for courage and joy.
The organization Bobbelsche Friends e.V. has integrated a „virtual coffee shop“ on their webpage. Visitors have the possibility to support the important work of the non-profit organization – e.g. by purchasing virtual food or drinks – by small donations.
2009 will be again an important, exciting and eventful year for both the organization as well as fort he artist Mark Medlock, a lot of non-profit charity activities worth supporting are in the pipeline, offering help and support exactly where such is needed.
At the end of January a lot of members of the Bobbelsche Friends will carry out a carnival party with children and teenagers of a social facility in Offenbach, offering all participants a remarkable and unforgettable day filled with many exciting acitivies, commodity contributions and tons of fun and games.
This facility is aiming at performing cultural youth work and enhances the development of personality in order to offer various ways of cultural expression and impressions to young peopple of different ethnical and social background, to offer fores and reveal perspectives.
Since the foundation oft he registered organization Bobbelsche Friends e.V. both Mark Medlock as well as his management are being informed on all activities and projects. The singer with the remarkably wonderful soul voice and the heart of gold is being updated by the organizations‘ exectutives on a regular basis on their various activities and, if possible, the organization Bobbelsche Friends e.V. implements a specific wish of the artist.
Thus Mark Medlock remains bein the linchpin oft he non-profit organization and, indirectly, accompanies its members along their path to support those desperately in need.

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