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24.02.2010 23:41
Our partners and support for befriended artists Zitat · Antworten

Tom Barcal! His first single „Sag mir, wo das Land ist" [Tell me where the land is]

With the song „Sag mir, wo das Land ist“ [Tell me where the land is] Tom Barcal lanches his first single onto the market on Friday, February 12th 2010. Being deeple touched by the tragic earthquake hitting Haiti he spontaneously decided to launch this track online - which is part of the album he's currently working at - prior to the official release date.

Tom Barcal sings this extraordinary title together with 11 year old Lena Skok. The lyrics express in a very complex and genuinely sympathetic way all the emotions assailing to people in boundary situations! And the music encorporates in a very impressive way the deep meaning of Tom Barcal's first release.

Already for some years Tom supports people in need and engages in various projects. This song underlines in a very plausible way that Tom is always particularly committed and stands straight for the things he approaches! The video clip for the song will be produced at the end of this month. Stay tuned for more information.

You can purchase the title upon its release in all relevant download shops.

Due to the many terrible tragedies during the last months where particularly children were affected and suffered, Tom Barcal decided to pre-launch this title from his soon-to-be released debut album.

Thus, upon request and initiative of Tom Barcal, 20% of the revenue will be donated to charity, in this case to the children's hospice "KÖNIGSKINDER" in Telgte, Germany, which is currently in process and therefore needs every support it can get.

Video filming for the single on 27.02 and 28.02!!!

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25.02.2010 21:44
#2 RE: Our partners and support for befriended artists Zitat · Antworten

Der TON macht die MUSIK*STIMMT*aber im Hardrock Cafe ist´s auch gemütlich!

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