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23.11.2007 10:50
Board Rules Thread geschlossen

Dear users of our "Bobbelsche Friends"-internet forum and bulletin board!

We appreciate your numerous postings and are looking forward to your vivid participation.

However, we have set up a few board rules on this behalf:

- your user name in this board should neither be a "brand name", nor contain a name such as e.g. "Bobbelsche" or "Mark Medlock". Please do not chose "Mark-Fan" as your user name, for this is what applies to all of us here already

- please do not insult anyone

- double accounts are not allowed, each user may only be registered once

- pornographic, as well as discriminating postings will be deleted immediately without further notice

- prior to posting, please make sure to check whether there already are existing threads concerning your issue (please use the search function)

- please remain factual and objective during discussions and don't bully or diss anyone

- SPAM-entries not related to a topic will be deleted immediately as well

- please treat one-another with respect and make sure to remain polite and gentle

- do not add a "thank you"-posting to every thread, for this would make our bulletin board rather cluttered or frittered, therefore include your "thanks" already in the question.

- please register even if you're no "frequent users", but maybe you acquire the taste for a more vivid participation while reading along... ;o)

- if you want to include and add pictures into your postings, then please favor photos you've taken yourselves. If you post "external" photos, then please make sure to indicate where it's from (source), otherewise it is a violation of the copyright and this implies huge fines.

- after consulting the admin you are allowed to publish sound material

- if you want to advertise for our bulletin board and forum, please contact the executive council of this community; due to the fact that it is a board related to a membership corporation, it is important to know what kind of advertisement you have in mind

- what we stricly want to avoid here are so-called "stalkers" or people bullying, we do not accept such behavior

- comparisons with other pages or boards will be deleted without any comment

- likewise postings where Mark or members of his family are being insulted

- for the safety of the users: trust and confidence are mandatory with this respect, therefore it is absolutely forbidden to copy or publish any contents, quotations or photos without authorization from the author or admin. If, by any chance, it becomes obvious that there has been a violation to these rules, the relevant user will be blocked immediately and irrevocably

- please do not hand over the password to third parties (for the purpose of data protection). If it turns out that passwords have been revealed, this user will be blocked immediately and irrevocably

Now we wish you a great time with us and have fun.

We are looking forward to reading from you!
Warm regards,

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